Quinte Promo Video Featured at Canada’s Outdoor Farmshow!

A big thank you to Neil Moore, Doug Young, Max & Eric Kaiser, Hunco Farms, Lloyd Crowe, and especially Trevor Crowe, for all their help and guidance (and home video footage in some cases) in promoting Quinte Region at Canada’s Outdoor Farmshow in the Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association tent this year.

The commemorative video we were able to produce honours our past in Quinte, right back to 1941 when floods and wind erosion in the Ganaraska watershed inspired farmers to help create the first conservation area in Ontario. But it’s also a reminder of what our organization stands for today and promotes what we will continue to offer our members in the future!

As Canada celebrates 150 years, we hope you’ll reflect with pride on the contributions Quinte farmers have been making to soil health and renew your resolve to maintain our local legacy.

Have you got stories from past Soil and Crop activities in the Quinte Region? There’s a book in the works and those stories are in demand! Give us an idea of what you have to share (annecdotes, pictures, old reports or records) and how we can get in touch with you:

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