Regional Report

This newsletter is coming out to you a little later than usual but I wanted to be able to share some news now that it’s official! As of this month, I’ll be serving as Regional Communications Coordinator in Quinte as well as starting to take on the role of Workshop Leader. I think this is going to be a real opportunity to serve the area even better than ever and I’m excited to be devoting more time to Soil and Crop activities.

We’ve got a lot of mileage out of the ‘Soil Your Undies campaign this summer! It attracted a lot of interest during the Incredible Edibles Festival held in Campbellford this July and it started some great conversations with consumers. While promoting the QSCIA at the Hastings Plowing Match in August, I found out about Bill Honey’s unusual ‘Soil Your Undies’ results and you’ll find the full story in this issue, endorsed by his grandson, Will. We also shared these results at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show and many farmers were very pleased to see such a young soil enthusiast emerging in Quinte.

Didn’t have time to take on our challenge this year? Try it next year! But if you did, email me your pictures or let us know about it on Twitter!