Regional Report

I don’t know about you, but the winter season for me is all about reflecting on the events of the year, researching new ideas for the next one, and getting reconnected with all the people I’ve lost touch with during harvest.

This year, I can’t help but feel grateful for my new role with Soil and Crop. The people associated with this organization are phenomenal individuals and if you haven’t had the pleasure of getting to know folks like Mark Burnham, our Regional Director, or Eric Lawlor, our nearly-retired Workshop Leader, I urge you to tap into their wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm for agriculture in Quinte.

In fact, it very well may be their optimism and vision for our organization that has me the most excited for 2018. Three bus tours into our region this summer and fall really showcased how much our members have to share about their farms and we’re keen to sit at some kitchen tables to plan more events in Prince Edward County, Hastings, and L&A especially. So, if you have a cool project planned for next year or if you got some interesting results from a little on-farm investigation that you’d be willing to share… get in touch! In my first (almost) year, I can honestly say I haven’t met a member yet who didn’t teach me something!

If I still haven’t had a chance to meet or call you individually, email me and invite me out to see you: You could also sign up for one of the workshops on offer in the coming months (see Coming Events) or come see me at the Quinte Farm & Trade Show in February!
And just in case I don’t see you at the Northumberland SCIA annual general meeting or Biosecurity workshop (both on December 14th); wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!